Five Unique Handbag Styles For A Professional Look That Pops

Are you looking for a way to add some unique style to your professional attire without going so extreme as to offend your boss or the fashion police? Surely office wear has gotten a bit more adventurous over the last decade, but there are still limits to how much color you can play with and how much skin you can show without looking unprofessional. A great way to add a unique touch to your style without risking it is to complement your outfit with a fashion-forward handbag.

Sell Those Old Coins! Here's How

The excitement you feel when selling old coins can start to wear off if you can't seem to get them off your hands. To make quicker sales a better possibility, these selling tips might provide positive direction. Consider Buyer Trends It's important to know that some dates are better than others when selling coins.  For instance, many popular numismatic events--like the National Coin and Money Show held each year by the ANA organization--are held in summer months.

3 Reasons Your First Guitar Should Be A Classical Guitar

When you begin shopping for your first guitar, you will have to make a decision between the three main types of guitar. There are two types of acoustic guitars, classical and steel string, or you could purchase an electric guitar. While you may think that you should get whatever type of guitar you want to play on, there are a few serious benefits to starting on a classical guitar.  You Can Play It Anywhere