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Five Unique Handbag Styles For A Professional Look That Pops

Are you looking for a way to add some unique style to your professional attire without going so extreme as to offend your boss or the fashion police? Surely office wear has gotten a bit more adventurous over the last decade, but there are still limits to how much color you can play with and how much skin you can show without looking unprofessional. A great way to add a unique touch to your style without risking it is to complement your outfit with a fashion-forward handbag. Here are five unique leather handbag styles that will make your workday attire pop.

Round, Colorful Purses

Highly structured, round purses with flip-over tops are showing up all over the runway in bright colors like cobalt blue and lime green. Pair one of these with a monochromatic outfit, such as a gray pantsuit, and the handbag becomes the star of the show. Look for a bag with an over-the-shoulder strap rather than just a handle as this will make it easier to carry as you head to your desk or out to lunch with your coworkers. Echo the color of the handbag with some earrings or a necklace if you really want to look pulled-together.

File Clip Handbag

Some of the better-known handbag designers have started making purses that look like those big, black file clips you're probably tired of undoing and re-snapping all day. The handles look like the silver file clip handles, and the bag itself is black with that signature file clip shape. People may not immediately notice the unique shape of your bag, but once they do notice that it looks like a file clip, they'll come to appreciate your quirky, yet subtle sense of fashion. The best part is because this bag is black, you can wear it with most anything. 

Stacked Rings Purse

This style of purse looks like three circles stacked on top of one another. Each subsequent circle is slightly smaller than the one below it, and each has its own zipper so that it opens like a pouch. The circles may all be one color or they may vary in color. Choose a tri-color stacked rings purse if you really want all eyes on you. Choose a single-color one if you want to look trendy and different without completely monopolizing the room. The circular shape gives this type of handbag a very soft look, so it pairs well with a flowing skirt or wide-legged pants and a ruffled blouse.

Clock Bag

Are you the type of person who is always on time -- or perhaps the type who is always reminding others of deadlines? A purse embellished with a clock face might be the perfect way to show off your personality while also acknowledging your time-related traits. These purses can typically be purchased in several colors, though the clock-face front is usually black and white. Some even have little hands you can adjust so the "time" on your purse-clock can change as you see fit.

Large Crocheted Flowers

Floral patterns are back in style these days, but they can be a bit loud for work when found on tops and skirts. However, a purse with a few large crocheted flowers is the perfect accent piece when worn with an otherwise subtle outfit. Some bags have flowers that are so large they flop to the side, and others are a bit smaller and more subtle. Generally, these are slouchy bags, so you will want to pair them with an outfit that has similarly relaxed lines.

With any of the five handbag styles above, your outfit will be the talk of the office -- but in a good way.