Shopping Tips for Fall

Sell Those Old Coins! Here's How

The excitement you feel when selling old coins can start to wear off if you can't seem to get them off your hands. To make quicker sales a better possibility, these selling tips might provide positive direction.

Consider Buyer Trends

It's important to know that some dates are better than others when selling coins.  For instance, many popular numismatic events--like the National Coin and Money Show held each year by the ANA organization--are held in summer months. At those times, a collector's mind is likely to be focused on new pieces, so you're in good shape if you can put your coins on the market around that time or display your pieces during the events. Think twice before putting your coins on the market during the holiday season; while other collectors may be searching for what you've got, their funds may be tied up in gifts for others.

To get an idea of current buying trends, join conversations with other sellers online who may be able to give you the lay of the land.

Get Appraisals

You can set your prices for each coin however you like. However, in order to encourage buyers, it is a smart decision to have a professional back you up. You can do that by having coin appraisals done every so often for each piece you've collected. The appraiser's opinion and certificate should give both you and the buyer the true value of your older coins. Professionals at appraisal companies like American Precious Metals Inc can give you more information.

Don't Wash Them

Your urge to prepare coins for the marketplace can be easily sidetracked by washing them, which is a mistake. The sheen and oxidation on older coins contributes to their charm and value. Scrubbing them could affect and wear down the outermost layers. Therefore, don't risk it; leave coins as is. Buyers who want the particular coins you've got will not be swayed.

It is, however, vital to wash slabs and holders with gentle soap and water so that they don't harm coins or affect visibility.

Don't Show Desperation

If you're having financial problems and need to unload your coins promptly, that desperation can cause you to sell pieces for far less than you'd get in a better situation. When possible, sell off coins when you don't absolutely need the money you'll make from them. You'll be better able to hold off and get the fairest price.

Being smart when you're beginning to sell older coins can mean that you sell them for a great price without too much time going by. For more selling ideas, work with appraisers, numismatic organizations, and other professionals.