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3 Reasons Your First Guitar Should Be A Classical Guitar

When you begin shopping for your first guitar, you will have to make a decision between the three main types of guitar. There are two types of acoustic guitars, classical and steel string, or you could purchase an electric guitar. While you may think that you should get whatever type of guitar you want to play on, there are a few serious benefits to starting on a classical guitar. 

You Can Play It Anywhere

Both types of acoustic guitars are good choices because of their portability. Because you do not need an amplifier, you can easily take your acoustic guitar with you when you are camping. You can practice at a park if you live in a small home. You can take your guitar to a party without worrying about where you will set up an amp and plug it in. The portability of an acoustic guitar makes it more likely that you will practice often, something beginners need to do. 

The Nylon Strings Are Easy On Your Fingers 

Since either acoustic guitar is portable, many people start with a steel string guitar, which has a narrower fret board and metal strings. A classical guitar has a wider fret board and nylon strings. The nylon strings produce a more muted sound but they are also easier to press down. Many beginning guitarists feel frustrated with the pain they experience when they play steel string guitars and they stop practicing. 

The Quiet Sound Won't Disturb Your Neighbors 

Nylon strings will not give you a loud, bold sound, but when you are first learning, any nearby neighbors or housemates will appreciate the quiet sound of your classical guitar. 

The Larger Space Between the Strings Makes It Easier to Learn Finger Placement 

For most beginners, the larger space between the strings on a classical makes it easier to achieve proper finger placement. With steel string or electric guitars, you risk accidentally muted nearby strings or pressing down two strings when you should only press one. 

Classical guitars are a good option for learning the basics of guitar and building an important foundation based on chords and scales. However, when you begin to practice strumming technique, you may find that the larger gap between the strings makes strumming smoothly more difficult. For this reason, you may want to upgrade to a steel string or electric guitar. Alternatively, you could purchase a steel string acoustic as a beginning, but string it with classical nylon strings.