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3 Reasons The Vintage Beach Look Is In

This summer has been all about the vintage look. From bright floral patterns on swim shorts to t-shirts with a washed look and faded logos, one of the best ways to make sure you look great at the beach is to get vintage-inspired gear. While that might mean hunting through thrift shops for actual vintage clothing, you can get the same great look with new clothes from many vintage-inspired manufacturers. However, it is important that you understand why the vintage look is in to help you make purchases that will follow the unspoken beach fashion rules.


Vintage clothing is often associated with comfort because the clothes are well-worn, and at the beach you want to both look comfortable and actually be comfortable. Opt for lightweight fabrics. For t-shirts, get something that is pre-washed with a lower thread count. This will give it a naturally faded appearance as well as a nice drape around your body as you wear it. Ideally, a beach shirt should feel like you are wearing nothing while still protecting you from the sun. For shorts, consider slightly shorter hemlines (for both men and women) along with wider legs. 

Ethical Clothing Practices

Vintage clothing is often thought of as more ethical than new clothing because it is a way to reuse resources. You might look like you are supporting the reuse and mending of clothing if you purchase clothing with stylized patching or rips. However, you should think about going a step further and actually supporting the ideals you are proclaiming with your wardrobe. You can support slow clothing ideals by purchasing well-made garments that will last for several seasons and making sure you buy from ethical clothing suppliers. 


Vintage clothing has a confident vibe to it. When you wear it, you look like you simply don't care to follow the fashion rules. Perhaps it is ironic that vintage is in fashion when, in many ways, it is a way to make a statement about not following fashion. To get that vintage, "I don't care," look, consider t-shirts with cut-off sleeves or shorts with super bright, flashy patterns. Both of these will give you the appearance that you are confident enough to wear what you like instead of living only within the major trends. Of course, you should make sure you like the clothes you are wearing, as that confidence will shine through, completing your style. Check out clothes from someone like Life At Sea Level for more inspiration.