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The Key Qualities To Look For When Buying Living Room Rugs

No matter how nice your living room carpet or floor is, a rug will add warmth and provide very nice color contrast. And if you go to a rug store, you'll find so many gorgeous rugs in all types of materials. Living rooms typically see a lot of activity, so the rug you choose has to be well-suited to that type of environment.

Easy Care for High-Traffic Areas

Any rug that's going to see a lot of foot traffic needs to be easy to care for. You want something that you can quickly clean up with a basic carpet-cleaning solution and a vacuum cleaner. While all rugs can benefit from a professional cleaning, a rug made of easy-care materials like polypropylene should not need professional cleaning as often as more delicate materials, as long as you give it some basic care yourself.

Stain resistance is also necessary. Many rugs are now made with built-in stain resistance or can be made stain-resistant by spraying with a stain repellent or fabric protector. That will make cleaning a high-traffic rug even easier.

One Large Rug for Main Rooms

When searching for rugs for a main room, such as a living room, you're better off with one large rug that most of the furniture can sit on, rather than having several smaller rugs by the couch and chairs. One large rug makes the room look more "put together" and not as visually busy. Using smaller rugs, even with the same color and pattern, makes the room look crowded. There's nothing wrong with having a smaller rug, such as off in a corner with an armchair that you use for reading. But don't try to throw multiple rugs around, thinking it will look comfortable. It will just look visually noisy.

Portability for Delicate Materials

If there's a rug you want to get that's made of materials that require special care, such as having to be taken to a rug-cleaning company for regular rinsing and drying (instead of being steam-cleaned in place like a carpet), make sure you can carry the rug easily. Get a smaller version and use that as an accent rug, for example, instead of buying a bigger version that you find hard to lift. You'll appreciate being able to easily pick up and transport the rug because trying to haul a heavier rug to a cleaning company gets old after a while, and you could end up putting off proper care. That will only lead to the rug wearing down faster and not looking so nice over the years.

Look through a few catalogs and rug stores before making your decision. When you've figured out what you really need in a rug, it will be easier to narrow down that huge selection and find the rugs that are perfect for your home.

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