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3 Promotional Products Ideal For Collectors

When you choose promotional products for your brand or company, you may select everyday products that people can get practical use out of. You could also select products that appeal to collectors. Collectors will seek out your products to help grow their collection and claim a limited piece of merchandise that you offer.

When you order promotional branded products with collectors in mind, you have the opportunity to build demand for a product and create something that people seek out with each new product giveaway or release.

1. Pins 

Collectible pins have been around for ages. People collect pins from tourist destinations, theme parks, or for special interests like pro wrestling. You can start your own exclusive pin collection with some of the promotional products you release. Along with general pins for your company, consider some limited edition pins.

For example, if your company hosts an event, then you could order special pins to commemorate the event. You could also order special pins to represent different celebrations like the holidays. You could feature your company logo in holiday colors or add small pin designs like a Christmas tree or a Santa hat.

Limit the amount ordered to help increase demand and create an interest in the designs.

2. Mugs

People not only like to collect mugs, but they like to use the mugs on a daily basis. Supply employees and customers with special collectible mugs. You could create a new design annually to help people build on their collection. Consider adding special elements to the mug. For example, a mug could feature a special theme or design like your company's 5th anniversary.

You could choose a special mug theme that expands with each new release. For example, you could start a rainbow mug collection with a different colored mug released each time. When displayed together, the mugs showcase a wide array of colors.

3. Ornaments

Every year, the holidays give people the chance to collect and display holiday ornaments. Create an annual tradition when you order promotional holiday ornaments for your company. Use the ornaments as a special giveaway for an office holiday party or send them out to dedicated customers and clients each year.

Every year, you can pick a new design that also features the year of release on the ornament design. Play around with different themes and designs to make the ornaments really stand out each year.

Work with promotional product companies to choose the best options and really appeal to collectors.

Contact a supplier to learn more about promotional products.