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How To Buy Men's Boots: Your Ultimate Guide

You should consider various things when shopping for custom-fitted men's boots. The right boot should be stylish, comfortable, and lightweight. Here is your ultimate guide on how to buy men's boots.

The Fit

When shopping for custom-fitted men's boots, ensure you choose a boot that conforms to the shape of your feet and one that fits perfectly. Additionally, there should be extra space as toes need space for roll-through movement. Ensure you consider your feet's length and width and try out the boots to determine whether they fit comfortably.

Material Used

Custom-fitted men's boots are usually made of leather, canvas, and other materials. When making a selection, be keen on the material quality. For instance, bonded leather boots are made to appear shiny and flawless. Men's boots made of high-quality materials may be expensive, but they are long-lasting and maintain their flawless appearance for a while.


When buying a boot, keep your closet in mind and opt for a boot that will match your dressing code. For instance, opt for a slim-toed boot if you intend to wear the boot with suits or slim pants. However, if you prefer jeans or loose-fitting pants, round-toe boots are a perfect choice. In addition, round-toe boots are ideal for casual occasions and perfect for road trips and other outdoor activities.

Sole Flexibility and Grip

Custom-fitted men's boots come in different types of soles. When selecting a boot, ensure the sole is neither too hard nor too soft for correct body weight support. The right boot should pass the bending test. This means if you bend the shoe and the sole takes a V form, the shoe sole has great flexibility. Additionally, pay attention to the sole's grip. The right shoe sole should be flexible and with cleats and crevices for enhanced grip.


If you want to avoid soggy feet whenever you are out for an adventure, consider buying a custom-fitted men's boot that is lined with a waterproof membrane. For added water resistance, choose a boot with a Goodyear welt, meaning the upper leather should be stitched to the sole. This feature not only makes your boot water-resistant, but it also makes it easier to resole the boot in the future. Waterproof boots are durable.  

Above are things you should consider when buying custom-fitted men's boots. Considering the boot's fit is important as it determines how comfortable and functional the boots will be. You should also consider the sole's flexibility and grip, the material used, and the water-resistant feature.

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