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Features of Good-Quality Athletic Crew Socks

One visit to the sock aisle, and you will almost immediately realize that choosing crew socks is not as easy as you would hope. It's not that there are not plenty of nice crew socks — it's that there are so many options. If you just plan on wearing your crew socks as everyday attire, then you can buy whichever ones look most fashionable to you. But if you hope to wear your crew socks for athletic activities, then you'll want to be a little more discerning. Look for socks with these features.

A reinforced arch area

Arch support is important when you're running, walking, and jumping. Your shoes should have arch support, but it's also nice to get a little extra from your socks if you can. Look for crew socks where there is a distinct shape to the arch part of the material, and where it looks like the arch of the sock is thicker than the rest of the sock.

Elasticized top

When you're running or playing sports, the last thing you want is for your sock to fall down inside your shoe. This can happen when the tops of your socks are too loose. So, check that the crew socks have a well-elasticized top that fits snugly around your ankle. The thicker the band around the top of the sock, the better.

4-way stretch

If you're able to pull on the sock material a little, do so. Determine whether it stretches two ways, or four. If the socks are inside a package and you cannot touch them directly, then read the label to see if there is any mention of the fabric stretchiness. You want 4-way stretch socks for athletic use since they are less likely to bind when you bend your foot in an odd way. 

Double stitching

Even with well-fitting athletic shoes, your feet are going to move inside the shoes to some extent, and this causes friction. Over time, the friction can wear away at the stitching on socks, creating holes. So, you want to look at any stitching, which is usually seen along the toe and heel and make sure it is really strong. Double stitching is best.

When you're buying crew socks for athletic wear, they need to hold up. Socks with the features above are less likely to break down with heavy use, so pay close attention when buying your athletic crew socks.