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Three Things That You'Ll Like About A Faux Hide Rug For Your Home

Shopping for a rug that you'll place in a specific room in your home presents you with a number of intriguing options, especially when you shop at a store that carries a wide selection of rugs. As you evaluate the different styles, one option that you may come across is a faux hide rug — a rug that closely resembles the hide of an animal but that is actually synthetic. Even if you weren't originally considering this type of rug, it's one that you may wish to buy. Here are three things that you'll like about using a faux hide rug in your home.

It Has A Significant Visual Impact

If you want your area rug to have a significant visual impact in the room, choosing the faux hide style can certainly accomplish this goal. While many people have area rugs in one or more rooms in their homes, a faux hide rug is relatively uncommon compared to other styles such as cotton and jute rugs that have sedate patterns. This means that when people enter your home, they'll quickly notice your new rug. Provided that you have the right furniture and decorative pieces in the room, the rug can play a key role in elevating the look of the room as a whole.

It Can Relate To A Special Moment In Your Life

Another thing that you may like about choosing a faux hide rug is that it can potentially relate to a major moment in your life, giving this type of rug more of a special feel for you than another style might. For example, if you and your spouse went to Africa on your honeymoon and enjoyed the memorable experience of a safari, choosing a faux hide rug with a zebra print can make you both fondly recall that trip. Or, if you got married on a cattle ranch, a faux hide that looks like a natural cowhide can bring back memories of that experience.

It Can Work With Several Flooring Styles

Faux hide area rugs can also be desirable because they can work well with several different flooring styles. While you can put this type of rug on a hardwood or tile floor, it can also be suitable for placing on a carpeted floor or even on a larger area rug. For example, if you have a large area rug that is comfortable underfoot but perhaps lacks some visual appeal, the right style of faux hide rug on top of it can potentially work well.

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