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The Benefits Of CBD For Your Senior Pet

If you are convinced of the compelling benefits of CBD, you may want to consider using quality Cannabidiol products for your pet, too. Haven't heard about the advantages of CBD for senior dogs and cats? Here's what pet owners need to know:

CBD Relieves Aches and Pains

While CBD oil doesn't produce the feelings of euphoria that its close cousin THC does, it is effective at relieving aches and pains. It is gentle and won't cause stomach upset or other side-effects that prescription medications and some over-the-counter products do. Follow dosing instructions per the manufacturer and your vet to treat senior pet arthritis or joint pain.

CBD Can Help Anxiety

Calm nervous or anxious pets with CBD. CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system, which in turn, levels emotions and soothes. CBD oil can be a great solution for pets that experience anxiety, such as from separation or fear during storms.

CBD is an Anti-Inflammatory

CBD is helpful at reducing the pain of arthritis, but how about preventing the pain in the first place? CBD is anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce swelling in joints, which may lower or prevent pain and discomfort at all.

CBD Contributes to Cognition

Did you know that CBD is lauded for helping with brain function? This extends to your senior pet; CBD helps support cognition by working with the mitochondria in the brain. Give CBD oil products to your pet as directed by your veterinary provider to keep them sharp and responsive as they age.

CBD Stimulates Appetite

CBD has been shown to alleviate nausea and stimulate appetite, key when preventing illness or malnourishment among senior pets. The right nutrients are vital to your pet's wellbeing across the lifespan; using CBD oil products may help them maintain a healthy diet as they become older. For sick pets, an inability to eat weakens an already compromised immune system — CBD may help.

Heed tips for buying CBD to get the best quality products for your money. Look for CBD products that are organically grown in the US, and avoid nasty pesticides, fillers, and long shipping times. Buyers have more options than ever before and wide accessibility is becoming better via online sellers.

Make sure to always discuss CBD with your veterinary provider before giving it to your pet. Consider the many benefits of CBD oil products, and talk to your vet about using it for senior pet health today.

For further tips, reach out to a local CBD shop.