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Does Celebrating Special Occasions While Social Distancing Seem Hard? 4 Gifts You Can Make At Home With Free SVG Files

Times are definitely challenging, and one of the things that many people have found to be the hardest is watching special occasions go by when they can't be together. You may also have trouble finding gifts for people that live in your home when you can't just go to your favorite store and shop. The good news is that a handmade gift never goes out of style. In fact, you can make these gifts using simple materials and a free SVG file that you can get online.

Personalize an Organizer

Working from home is the current trend for the majority of people who do not fall within the essential worker category. Since most people are setting up home offices, this is a great time to create a personalized organizing system. This gift can be as simple as a few personalized folders or files that your coworker or living partner can use to manage their work. Just think about their personality and favorite things. Then, make a few folders with funny sayings that apply to their position. To make this extra special, throw in some matching accessories such as a pencil holder.

Give Them a Start on Planting

Home gardeners have more time on their hands this season for planting seeds, and it seems as though one can rarely have enough pots for their plants. Grab a few ceramic pots and give them a coat of paint in your loved one's favorite colors. Then, use your free SVG to create fun cutouts that you can apply to each one.

Create a Custom Apron

Has your loved one been doing a lot more home cooking? If so, then an apron is what the emerging chef in your life needs right now. SVG files are available in designs that are perfect for someone who cooks outdoors as well as someone who likes to make exotic dishes indoors. Once again, this is where you have the chance to show how much you truly know your loved one. It is also the ideal gift for anyone who may need to protect their work clothes for virtual chats while they make lunch.

Inspire Them With Wall Art

Since everyone is staying at home, a new piece of wall art helps people to freshen up their space to avoid boredom. Go wild with design files that provide inspiration to someone who may need a little boost while they accomplish their work at home or look for things to do to stay busy. For an extra special piece of wall art, use a font design to come up with your own saying that fits their lifestyle.