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3 Reasons To Dedicate A Star To Your Child For Their Upcoming Birthday

If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate your child, consider dedicating a star to them for their upcoming birthday. Here are just a few reasons to do so:

Make Them Feel Special

Presenting your child with a certificate of dedication is a great way to make them feel extra special while celebrating getting older with friends and family. You can plan a complete dedication ceremony where you would announce the dedication at a homemade podium (use a tall table or stool as the base) and your child would come up to accept the certificate and make a speech to their birthday party guests.

You can even use all the materials that the company you buy the star from provides, such as videos of the star, to create a short presentation to end the ceremony with. Your child's birthday guests are sure to be impressed and intrigued, and your child will feel like they were the center of attention as they should on their birthday.

Inspire Interest in Astrology

Dedicating a star in the sky to your child will also help inspire them to get interested in astrology, which will not only help expand their knowledge but will make them curious about what will be possible in their future. Learning about the stars and galaxies will inspire your little one to dream big and to follow those dreams whether it means working to become an astronaut or following a different path that includes big dreams.

Pair the star dedication certificate with a new telescope or star gazing book so they have some tools that can be used to find their star in the sky and to further their astrological interests as time goes on. You can even purchase a start pack that includes books, binoculars, a telescope, and other accessories that will give your child an opportunity to try a variety of different sky viewing methods.

Encourage Creativity and Concern

Gifting your child with a star dedication will also help encourage creativity and concern over time. You can expect your child to get creative when it comes to finding their star in the sky, drawing the star to put on the wall, and sharing their star at school during share-and-tell sessions. And you will have an opportunity to teach your child how to care for their important and delicate things by teaching them how to properly care for their dedication certificate so it doesn't get ruined.

Instead of putting the certificate in a frame and hanging it on a wall where your child can only look at it, give them full control of the certificate and help them learn how to keep it safe and how to properly care for it when showing it to others or handling it in any way. This will give your child the skills they need to care for other things they obtain as they age such as clothing, photos, electronics, and even homework.

Contact a company that offers star dedicating services for more information.