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Repair Or Replace? How To Solve The Antique Clock Dilemma

Do you have an antique clock that is showing serious signs of its age? You can have it repaired in a variety of ways, but the decision on how to repair such an antique puts many clock owners in a quandary. Should you repair original parts or replace them? How much cosmetic change should you make? Do you have to be an expert in antiques in order to make the right call with your collection? 

When to Repair

Repairing aging or damaged parts is almost always more complicated than simply inserting new ones. But it should be any antique owner's first instinct. This is especially worth the effort when the clock is very valuable. A very valuable clock is worth at least several hundred dollars — or even several thousand dollars. 

The fewer alterations that have been made to an antique throughout its life, the more collectors will pay for something that's worth the investment. So, if you plan to sell the clock later, pay attention to replacements now. Also, if the item is unique or represents a certain contribution to the history of clocks, you may also be protecting a piece of history. 

When to Replace

Even though you should first consider repair rather than replacement, there are times when replacing is the logical move.

First, consult with a qualified repair specialist to determine if the part is simply too damaged to be worth keeping. Antique American clocks, for instance, may have a thin, paper dial cover over the clock face. This has deteriorated on many clocks over time. If it's too far gone, a worn dial cover will continue to depress the clock's value even if you try to save it. In this case, replacing it likely would not make much of a monetary difference. 

The second time when you may want to allow replacements is when the clock's value is more sentimental than financial. If this is your grandmother's prized clock that makes you think of her, you're unlikely to sell it down the road. In this case, restoring it to functioning order or making it worthy of a place on your mantel may be of infinitely greater value. 

How to Decide

Knowing the criteria in theory doesn't always give you enough information to make a good decision. Antiques repair and sales can be an ever-changing subject that few will ever truly master.

So, start with a visit to a clock repair service in your area like The Clock Experts. Use their expertise to help you decide what is worth repairing, what is possible, and when you should enjoy your clock without focusing on financial value. No matter what you choose, with professional guidance, you will surely make a great decision that brings joy for many years.