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Why Would You Choose Bamboo Footwear?

When asked to name materials from which footwear is made, which materials come to mind? Leather, canvas, and suede are perhaps the most common. One material you probably won't name is bamboo — but in fact, bamboo is becoming increasingly popular as a footwear material. Here are a few reasons why people choose bamboo footwear, and why you might want to do the same.

Bamboo is a plant material.

Leather and suede are both made from animal product, which means they are not vegan-friendly. If you do not wish to support the use of animals for human needs, then bamboo is a good alternative since it is a completely vegan, plant-based material. This also means that bamboo is better for the planet. As it grows, it releases oxygen into the atmosphere and absorbs carbon dioxide. Animals, like cows used for their leather, do the opposite, contributing to the greenhouse gas effect.

Bamboo can be grown without pesticides.

Other plants that can be used to make footwear, like cotton, do require a lot of pesticides and herbicides to grow well. Bamboo is different. It is a really hardy plant that does not attract a lot of bugs and is not overly picky about soil, so it can be grown completely naturally and organically. You can rest assured that your shoes are contributing minimally to pollution of the planet. (And when your're done with them, they will break down naturally without polluting nearby lakes and soil.)

Bamboo is hypoallergenic.

Very, very few people are allergic to bamboo. The fibers are soft and non-irritating. If you like to wear shoes like sandals without socks, and you have sensitive skin, bamboo is definitely a smart choice. 

Bamboo fights odors.

If you have ever smelled a pair of leather or canvas shoes after wearing them for a few days, you are familiar with the off-putting stench that can develop. Bamboo shoes stay a lot fresher-smelling since the bamboo breathes well and does not support bacterial growth. You can wear the shoes hiking or around town, and not worry that they'll smell up your apartment afterwards.

Bamboo footwear is more feasible and beneficial than it seems. Look for unique bamboo shoes that match your personal style. You can find ones that are hand-painted, dyed fun and festive colors, or made in neutral tones. Whether you're looking for sandals, dress shoes, or hiking shoes, there's a bamboo footwear option out there for you. For more information, contact companies like Jenevieve Bordeaux LLC.