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The Four Pairs Of Shoes Every Minimalist Woman Should Have In Her Closet

Living a minimalist lifestyle can be very rewarding. Having only what you need can leave you with more space—both mental and physical—for the things you really love. As a female, one of the hardest collections to minimize might be your shoe collection. No, this is not because of the old trope that all women love shoes, but rather because there are so many different specialized shoes for various purposes! Rest assured, though—unless you compete in a shoe-intensive sport like rock climbing or track and field, you can probably get by with just these four versatile pairs.

Black Pumps

Say goodbye to the shelves and shelves of heels in various colors. Rarely will you wear an outfit that won't coordinate with black pumps. Black stays clean, too, so your shoes will last longer and look nice even after you've spent all day in them. Since you're sticking to one pair of heels, you can splurge on a higher-end pair with a padded foot bed. Choose heels with a 1 1/2 inch heel or lower so they'll be comfortable for more occasions.

White Sandals

In the summer, white sandals can be your go-to casual footwear. Look for a strappy pair. It will look as nice with your dressy work attire as it will with your jean shorts. Choose white sandals made with a faux leather or plastic-like material so they don't pick up stains and so that you can wipe them clean. This pair should be flat so you can wear them to backyard barbecues and other casual gatherings without feeling uncomfortable.

Rain Boots

A good pair of rubber rain boots will give you so much mileage. You can wear them to work on those wet, rainy days and change into your heels once you get in the door. You can wear them gardening, playing in the yard with your kids, or even to the home improvement store to shop for landscaping supplies. A medium-height pair is generally most versatile.


Finally, you need a high-quality pair of sneakers for working out and walking. For general use, look for a shoe sold as a cross-trainer. This style typically has enough support to cushion your legs when you're running but is low-profile enough to allow for quick moves, too. Choose sneakers in a neutral color like white or black so they match more of your outfits. Don't skimp here—good quality sneakers prevent injuries.

And there you have it—just four pairs of shoes to satisfy your every need as a minimalist!