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Are You Planning A Birthday Event For A Person Who Loves Sports?

Are you planning to give a present to somebody, a friend or a family member, who loves anything to do with sports? If so, you have probably already discounted buying decorative items for that individual's home, deciding instead to purchase sports-related items. From buying a big-ticket item along with your friends to preparing your own gift basket to give to the birthday person, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Big Ticket Item - Perhaps the friend or family member whose birthday is approaching has expressed a desire for something that costs a lot of money. Even if that person wasn't hinting that you buy that item, take note of what it was that he or she expressed an interest in. For example, if the birthday person has been wanting a very special bicycle, a bunch of your friends or other family members might be willing to pitch in money to give the bicycle as a group gift. Perhaps the person who will soon be having a birthday has expressed an interest in learning how to do archery. Another idea would be for your group to give that person a gift coupon for archery lessons and maybe even some of the items that he or she will need to start the sport.

A Gift Basket - Perhaps you would rather not be part of a group gift and you would prefer giving the person who will be having a birthday a gift from only you. If so, have you considered giving that individual a gift basket that holds several items instead of just one big present? For example, the basket could actually be a small ice chest that would hold things like an athletic T-shirt, athletic socks, dark glasses and anti-fog spray. Have you ever used anti-fog spray yourself? If not, you'll probably be amazed at how helpful the spray is, not only to de-fog your regular glasses, but your dark glasses as well. Anti-fog spray is super affordable and easy to use. Just spray and wipe, and the glasses are all set to be used, even on rainy or foggy days. 

Even if you participate in a group gift instead of presenting a personal gift, consider giving the birthday person some anti-fog spray on your own. You might add a humorous note to the spray that says something like, Hope your mind will be as clear as your glasses will be!