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Boost the Antioxient Profile of Your Morning Protein Smoothie

A morning protein shake is one of the best things you can have on your way out the door. The protein is essential for keeping you full, and if you are on a time crunch, it's also something that is super easy to make. So, if you don't have the time to cook up eggs and oatmeal, or some other full breakfast, there is nothing wrong with a good protein shake. However, you will not be getting a lot of antioxidants or other nutrients if you are only making it with protein powder and water. If you are looking for something that has some benefits beyond lots of protein, then you should look at the list below and think about adding some extra ingredients to your morning protein drink to boost its health factor.

Frozen Berries

Berries are fantastic because they provide lots of fiber and antioxidants. They will also create a really nice texture. You can get a giant bag of frozen mixed berries and add them to your blender. Then add a scoop of protein powder and add either water, coconut water, or some sort of mill (almond, rice, or regular). Just be aware of the flavor of the protein powder. You don't want to mix something that won't complement the berries, so you should either get a protein powder without flavor (a plain whey) or one that you think would work well with the berries.

Powdered Turmeric

Turmeric is a super health spice. You can add a pinch, and it won't be overpowering in flavor. The turmeric has a number of benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well as an amazing antioxidant benefit. It's such a popular antioxidant that you will even see it sold in pill form in vitamin stores and health food shops. However, you can simply get the spice version from a supermarket and save yourself money.

Tahitian Noni Juice

If you are looking to add a really unique flavor, as well as boost the antioxidant profile of your drink, then you should get original Tahitian noni juice and add this to your blender. The noni juice can take the place of something such as almond milk or water. It's a perfect liquid to use if you are going to make your protein shakes based around a fruity and berry-rich flavor profile. The tropical noni flavor is a perfect way to start your day. You can find this addition at an online health shop, such as Noni Direct