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How To Add Some Spice To Your Married Life

Of course, you probably got married because you wanted to establish a home and a family. But, didn't you also get married because you want to have intimacy with the person you love? After all, intimacy might be one of the best perks of married life. Perhaps you are realizing that children, work, and everyday life activities have become a distraction. It may be that the intimacy you desire has taken a back seat in your life. If that is true, from planning time for intimacy with your spouse to adding new experiences, here are some ideas that might help you to add some spice to your married life:

Be Honest - Start by having a frank conversation with your husband or wife. Remind him or her of your love and appreciation. Then be specific about the fact that you are feeling less than fulfilled in the intimate part of your marriage. Then make a plan!

  • Think about going away together, even if it's just for a weekend or second honeymoon.
  • Consider having a definite end-of-the-day routine for your kids so that they'll get to bed. It is more than likely that only then will you have the privacy you need.
  • Make a date with your spouse. Let him or her know that you have special plans for your alone time. Anticipation can be part of the fun!

Make It Special - Now that you've established with your spouse that you have intimacy in mind, go forward by making your time special with him or her.

  • Set the stage. Even though it may sound trite, candles and pretty music might help to create a mood for intimacy.
  • Be daring. Have you ever pretended to be in bondage? Think of buying a bondage mask and even a bondage kit.
  • If your spouse is hesitant about the bondage scene, ask him or her to trust you that you're simply going to have fun that will lead to something pretty amazing.

Shop for bondage kits and bondage masks at a store that sells adult toys and couples games. You can also order bondage kits online. They're very affordable and you can use them over and over again. Also, don't forget to get sexy clothes to add to the fun. For example, buy men's pajamas. The wife gets the pajama top and the husband gets the pajama bottoms. See where that will take you!